New option for Florida's beer-to-go market

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Beer is a more than $3 billion business in Florida. In Jacksonville, the craft beer business is just beginning to boil and there's a new law that could change how beer lovers drink.

"When I was in brewing school, they made fun of Florida breweries for having this very old kind of backwards law," said Ben Davis, owner of Intuition Ale Works.

When you sip on a cold one from a local micro-brewery your beer-to-go options fall into two categories: a 32-ounce or 128-ounce Growler.

The industry standard 64-ounce, or half-gallon growler, is illegal in Florida.

So, for beer drinkers looking to take home that fresh craft beer home in a refillable glass jug called a growler, the choices are too small or too big.

But a new bill, House Bill 715 is trying to change that and make the coveted half-gallon growler legal and according to some beermasters legitimize the Florida craft beer business and help the city of Jacksonville.

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94-year-old left homeless by fire

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The house at 227 Bronson street is being demolished.

"What happened is it burned up," said Flora Davis,"When I left here it was alright."

For more than 30 years this was home for 94-year-old Flora Davis.

"It is paid for, land and all," she said," but I did not have insurance, that is my trouble."

Davis, who retired from the local cigar factory, and lives on a retirement and a social security check, let her insurance lapse. She said she couldn't afford it.

So at 94 years of age Flora Davis is homeless.

"It is kind of rough," she said,"but then you have to take the bitter with the sweet." 

Davis added,"if you can't do no better you can't do no better, but Jesus Christ is above all."

The fire gutted her home on Super Bowl Sunday, she lost everything.

Woman's life saved in miracle on St. Johns Avenue

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A St. Simons Island woman released from the hospital Tuesday calls a local server who helped save her life her hero.

Bobbie Davis, 62, was in Jacksonville to help care for her brother who recently had triple bypass surgery. While she was eating dinner outside at the Brick Restaurant on St. Johns Avenue in Avondale, she had a massive heart attack.

It turns out she was in the right place at the right time to have a heart attack, and now she is sharing her story with a heart full of gratitude.

"All we heard was a slam and then a glass shatter, and it was her falling from the table and hitting her head on the concrete and the glass and plate falling with her," said hostess Elena Federico.
Davis was unconscious and on the pavement. Landon Weeks, a part-time server at the restaurant, ran to her rescue. It just so happens the young father is also a paramedic and a volunteer for the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department.

Missing Adult Day: A reminder of the unaccounted

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- According to the Justice Coalition, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office receives thousands of missing reports each year. While most of them are resolved, some become an open case.

"You just don't think it can happen to you," said Carol Payne.

January 3, 2013 was the last time anyone saw Payne's brother.

"Sometimes you think you're gonna wake up," she said, "and realize it is not real."

Her brother James Tracy Wilson, 56, might be driving a blue/gray four door Buick Lacrosse.

"The police are saying probably we'll find his car because it will run out of gas and he didn't have any money," said Payne. "That didn't happen."

Payne said her brother had a routine and never drifted from it.

"His bed wasn't made and the windows weren't open that's when I called my brother and they called the police," said Payne.

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Cyber security expert says JEA not alone for 'Denial of Service' attack

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- At the JEA downtown payment center, customers were surprised to learn the utility's website was the target of a cyber attack.

"I wasn't aware of that," said Lacrecia Anderson. "It is scary."

The JEA computer network was hit with a "denial of service" attack; the FBI has been notified.

"We are making sure that none of our customers' information is jeopardized or compromised," said JEA spokeswoman Gerri Boyce.

Dr. Walter Eaton of Florida State College at Jacksonville is a cyber security expert.

"A denial of service on JEA could be nothing more than a test," said Eaton, "a test to see if we could have a 'denial of service' to all utilities in the United States." crippled by cyber attack

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Unable to pay their bills online Tuesday morning, JEA customers were standing in line at its payment centers.

"I tried two days ago and was not successful in getting anything done online," said Lacrecia Anderson. 

Anderson normally pays her bill online and was in the dark as to why the website was not working.

"My payment was due I was kind of scared that my lights were going to cut off," she said. 

To avoid an interruption in her service, she made it to the payment center as quickly as possible, and she was not alone.

"Coming into the branch and standing in line is an inconvenience," said Anderson, "when I am used to doing it online or paying it over the phone."

On Sunday, JEA's cyber network was hit by a 'denial of service' attack.

"Soon as it started we were notified and we've been working on it since," said JEA's Gerri Boyce. 

FDH: Rabies alert issued for Ortega

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Ortega area of Jacksonville was issued a rabies alert by the Florida Department of Health Tuesday.

A rabid bat was discovered in Ortega, triggering the alert, which is in effect through May 6. This is the first rabies alert in Duval County this year.

The boundaries for the alert are on the south by Lancelot and Water Oak Lane, on the north by St. Johns Avenue at Herschel Street, on the west by Lakeshore Boulevard at Fremont Street, and east at the St. Johns River.

FHD said pet owners should maintain control of their pets at all times, and be certain that each has received current rabies immunization shots from a licensed veterinarian.

Stray animals should be reported to the City of Jacksonville Animal Care and Protective Services at 630-2489.

For further information or to report animal bites, contact Rabies Control at 253-1280.