TRC Staffing Services Lends a Hand to the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund

TRC Staffing Services Lends a Hand to the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund

JACKSONVILLE, FLA. – The Tom Coughlin Jay Fund, an organization dedicated to supporting families that are tackling childhood cancer, recently won a grant from TRC Staffing Services of Jacksonville that awarded the nonprofit 40 hours of free, temporary staffing support. The Jay Fund is the first of 12 organizations in the 2013 – 2014 cycle to receive the grant through the Helping Hands Grant program – an initiative aimed at supporting local nonprofits struggling to meet staffing needs within tight timetables and even tighter budgets.

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Overgrown tree raises questions about liability

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Dorothy Muller has lived in her Northwest Jacksonville home 57 years and watched the tree behind her property line become a major concern.

"I'm afraid it is going to fall on my home," said Muller, "but I don't know who owns it."

Muller said she contacted the business next door, the owner said it is not his tree. She even contacted the city but was told it is not the city's property.

"No one seem to own it, and I know it is not mine," said Muller.

This is a very common problem and there are some common guidelines to follow.

Why is it taking a year to fix a Riverside pothole?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- There is a barricade in the middle of Oak Street, a two lane
road in the Riverside community and Drew Johnson said it has been there way
too long.

"They just come out and put a barricade and forget about it," said Drew Johnson. "It is crazy we just got our tax notices and they're building a new pool at the stadium but can't fix potholes. It is pretty outrageous."

Johnson, a business owner and Riverside resident, said there are too many barricades in his community and nothing is being done.

On Belvedere Avenue, the yard of the month is being humiliated by a road cave in and another barricade.

"I got an email from the city that the Oak Street problem would be corrected in March. It is still there," said Johnson.

Business owners nearby said the barricade has been replaced several times because motorists keep hitting the structure. 

Local filmmakers pay tribute to "Big Star" in new documentary film

JACKSONVILLE, Fla -- The band called itself "Big Star" and their first album "#1 Record." In the end, the critically acclaimed band never reached the heights that most felt it should, breaking up after just three years, in 1974. 

But the band's sound helped shape alternative music for past three decades, and has influenced musicians as varied as M Ward, Cheap Trick and R.E.M. 

Big Star's lead singer, Alex Chilton is perhaps the best known band member. He led the Box Tops when he was just 16, singing their No. 1 hit, "The Letter." But it was his musical synergy with guitarist Chris Bell that most credit with carrying the Memphis band into the annals of rock history.

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Concerns raised after San Marco flooding

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Flooding frustration. Some people in the San Marco Square area say it's a fact of life. Others say it's a concern, especially when you get pictures of flooding during a multimillion dollar renovation project.

"The streets were up to your ankles in certain places a little higher," said Mariah Back, who works in the square.

"Where the roads dip in," Tristen Cash, who also works in the square, said. "It was just standing water. It was just flooded."

At the Pizza Palace in San Marco Square is where you'll find freshly made pies and employee Cash. As the rain fell Sunday, she grew concerned.

"How am I going to get home?" she said Monday, with a laugh.

The pizza shop sits near the heart of the square and the $5 million construction project.

This is Home: Five Points

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- First Coast News produces a weekly photo essay called This is Home. It's got a catchy song with video and pictures of things that are going on in Jacksonville.

It not only showcases favorite parts of the community but is also a reminder of why people love to call this area home. First For You we are bringing This is Home to YOUR neighborhood.

This week, the focus is on Five Points in the Riverside-Avondale area.

It's officially part of the Riverside-Avondale Historic District. The area has grown dramatically in the past few years but has been around since the 1920s.

Intuition Ale issued cease and desist order over noise

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- They're a big name in the Jacksonville beer business but Intuition Ale Works is brewing up a batch of complaints from neighbors tired of the noise and traffic.

Robert Jackson lives right across the street from the microbrewery and said the noise from private events and day-to-day business is so loud, he can hear it throughout his entire house.

First Coast News looked into Jackson's complaint and found he's called the city of Jacksonville 15 times since October of 2011 in an effort to put a cork in the noise.

"On Sunday morning, I get ready to go to church and there are beer bottles all in my yard, so I can't go to their car and scrape it with a pencil, well I just say 'I ain't gonna do nothing but pray about it,'" said Kenneth Reed, a Riverside resident.