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JFRD: Thermal Imaging Camera Stolen During House Fire
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JFRD: Thermal Imaging Camera Stolen During House Fire

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --  Susannah Carter home burned down in 2003. She knows the loss that comes with a house fire.

"We unfortunately lost a couple of pets," Carter said. 

But she's thankful that firefighters were there to help keep her family safe using, among other things, a thermal imaging camera. The camera can find hot spots and body heat easily in a fire, but one of the 60 cameras the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department owns, was stolen right off a truck on Sunday.

"These tools are life saving products and they should be left alone," said JFRD spokesman Tom Francis.

According to the police report, Fire Station 21 used the camera at an apartment fire on Barnes Road on Sunday.  Firefighters put it back in its charging station and went back to fighting the fire.

A short time later, they were at another scene on Powers Ave.,  and realized the camera was not there. Police believe the camera was stolen while firefighters were at one of the two locations.

"That someone would take advantage of a component being unlocked and remove a product of that kind of value I think to say it is disgraceful would be an understatement," said Francis.

The camera is worth $10,000. Carter knows firsthand the value of what every piece of equipment on fire trucks mean.

"It just amazes me that people don't think of the magnitude of what they are doing.  You are taking something that's going to be saving lives."

JFRD said station 21 has a replacement camera now on board.

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