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JSO looks for link between MoJo's and CVS shootings

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Tyler Lumley and his co-worker were cleaning the exhausts early Monday morning at MoJo No. 4 when he heard a gunshot. 

The single shot left Lumley's co-worker dead. 

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Earlier that night an armed robbery at a nearby CVS pharmacy left an employee at the store with a gunshot wound to his face. 

JSO investigators said it's possible that a string of robberies from over the weekend may be connected to Monday morning's robberies and shootings at two businesses.

On Wednesday JSO said it had not yet determined it the two incidents were connected but investigating to determine if the man who allegedly robbed the CVS, 24-year-old Herman Pickens, was responsible for the murder of 54-year-old Robert Sutton. 

Pickens was arrested after he was shot by police following a crash with an undercover SWAT SUV and a foot chase on Tuesday. 

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As Sutton's co-workers wait for the case to close, they're getting reassurance and strength from their church. 

"I had a lot of good people pray over me and it felt good to talk to God and start praying. It made today a little better," Owner of Lumley's Exhaust Cleaning Service. 

The Lumley's say that Sutton was a really good guy and they are still very shocked by what happened at MoJo's on Monday -- buy Ed said that he wants to know who was responsible.


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