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This is Home: Five Points

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- First Coast News produces a weekly photo essay called This is Home. It's got a catchy song with video and pictures of things that are going on in Jacksonville.

It not only showcases favorite parts of the community but is also a reminder of why people love to call this area home. First For You we are bringing This is Home to YOUR neighborhood.

This week, the focus is on Five Points in the Riverside-Avondale area.

It's officially part of the Riverside-Avondale Historic District. The area has grown dramatically in the past few years but has been around since the 1920s.

It's also described as Jacksonville's Bohemian District. It's a commercial district in a residential area. It gets its name from the five-way intersection of Park, Lomax, and Margaret streets. Eric Wald is a chef at a nearby bed and breakfast.

"It's very pedestrian, people are coming in. There are bars, shops and restaurants, all within walking distance that you can come, park your car, get around, almost like it's a big city," said Wald.

After World War I, the area started its first change, becoming more commercial. The Park Arcade Building was one of the first commercial buildings. It was constructed in 1928. It's seven buildings in one and they each have a different rooftop. The Riverside Gown Shop is now two stores, Bark, and Anomoly.

Another area that's changed is Derby on Park at the corner of Margaret and Park. In the 1950s, there was a Texaco Station that is where the restaurant is now.

Several shops have stayed, some have come and gone. This area has been hit hard by the economy because so many of the store owners are independent -- another thing that sets 5 Points apart.

Old businesses are forced out, but that's also making room for new ones. Motion Sweets is expected to open this fall, New Leaf Vapor Company opens soon as well.

"I think it's the diversity, we have all walks of life here. We have apartments that you can rent at $600 a month, next to million dollar homes. So it really makes for a nice tight knit community. And it's just very enjoyable to live here," said Wald.

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