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Why is it taking a year to fix a Riverside pothole?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- There is a barricade in the middle of Oak Street, a two lane
road in the Riverside community and Drew Johnson said it has been there way
too long.

"They just come out and put a barricade and forget about it," said Drew Johnson. "It is crazy we just got our tax notices and they're building a new pool at the stadium but can't fix potholes. It is pretty outrageous."

Johnson, a business owner and Riverside resident, said there are too many barricades in his community and nothing is being done.

On Belvedere Avenue, the yard of the month is being humiliated by a road cave in and another barricade.

"I got an email from the city that the Oak Street problem would be corrected in March. It is still there," said Johnson.

Business owners nearby said the barricade has been replaced several times because motorists keep hitting the structure. 

John Winkler lives and operates a law practice in the area.

"When I saw that there's actually grass growing in the hole, I was amazed," said Winkler. 

Winkler is also the president of Concerned Taxpayers of Duval County. He said upgrades to EverBank Field should not be done if simple things like a pothole cannot be fixed.

"If we can't take care of the core functions of city government," said Winkler, "We have no business putting a swimming pool in the stadium and we certainly don't have $43 million to contribute to the world's largest score board."

Johnson wants it corrected and offers a simple solution for fixing potholes.

"Don't bring a barricade when it is reported," said Johnson, "Bring a bucket of asphalt and fix the hole."

What happened? City spokesperson Debbie Delgado said when it was reported to the city the issue was referred to JEA.

JEA spokesperson Gerri Boyce said they investigated the area and concluded it was not a JEA issue, but no one told that to the city.

Now that the city knows, Delgado said Public Works will fix the year-old pothole. 


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