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King Street Farmers Market on "indefinite hiatus"

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- What many say brought the community together, has been shut down.

The King Street Farmers Market used to be held every Wednesday in the parking lot of Intuition Ale Works. It's a chance for local vendors to meet clients and hopefully make money.

An inspector with the City of Jacksonville's Historic Preservation gave the market a Warning Notice of Violation. It read vendors did "have outside sales in a IL zoning district or use not included under permitted or permissible uses ... ." That means, selling goods outside without a permit.

Riley Leuthold is with the King Street Farmers Market. He also runs Intuition Ale Works, the place where the market was held in the parking lot. He said the shut down isn't just a blow to him, but the vendors.

"It kicks them out to the curb, we can't house them here anymore," Leuthold said.

Sarah Bogdanovitch runs Community Loaves. She was one of the several vendors who depended on the King Street Farmers Market.

"It's just a reliable way for us to both sell bread and stay in touch with people and create a connection that is longer lasting than putting a product on the shelf," she said.

Bogdanovitch said she hopes something can be worked out.

"It feels like it's going against everything I feel my community wants as a member of Jacksonville," she said.

Leuthold says the market is on "indefinite hiatus," and will be looking at options.

There's no word on if plans are being made to try and change the zoning district.


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