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A New Screen, Chair Side-Waiters: Theatre Gets a Major Facelift

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The 87-year-old 5 Points Theatre in Riverside has a couple of new, ambitious proprietors both working hard to make a theatre facelift a reality.

Tim Massett and his wife, Shana, are steeped in the movie theater industry and met while working concessions at a theater in San Marco. Now they run a cinema in Minnesota, but thought it was time to come back home.

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"It was something we've always wanted to do, to own our own theatre," Shana Massett said, sitting on the stage of the Riverside theatre.

"To have it also be that we're coming home, on top of it being the business we've always wanted to run, I'm over the moon. I'm so excited."

There hope is to install a new, larger screen as well as better sound proofing and more comfortable chairs.

"We're also going to put in a new, full kitchen, serve pizzas and things like that and we'll bring it right out to your chair," Shana Massett said.

The Massetts are counting on the community they serve to help them raise those funds; they've set up different rewards for the level of money you donate.

They've set up a website with ways for you to donate. If they reach their goal, you get the rewards. If not, they don't charge your account.


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