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Local inventors featured on Food Network program

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --  The Bold Bean coffee shop in Riverside seems to be full to the brim with deep thinkers.

The smart looking man in reading glasses ... The inquisitive youngster... It's a regular market place of ideas.

Yes in coffee shops, ideas roast like the very beans they're using.

But out of all out characters here, only one is an inventor.

Only one has been featured on the Food Network's Invention Hunters. And only one would actually bring his own espresso maker to a coffee house.

"Very few, don't tell anyone we're actually doing this. I'm Steve Toney, I work with Thigpen Heating and Air."

During the day he's a sales rep with Thigpen, but in his spare time he works with his friend Jim on The Travesso, which is basically a handheld, travel sized espresso maker.

"We work nights and weekends. I've been friends with Jim for years."

The device went up against two other inventions on the show.

"DVR it? Oh yeah, i've watched it more than a few times," Toney said.

Theirs won, which means big exposure for the product.

It makes a shot of espresso without the really expensive machine. Plus the deer hunter with disriminating taste can take it in the tree stand with him. That's how the idea was born.

Toney was taking the kids on a camping trip and wanted to bring espresso with him."


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