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DCF investigates daycare handling of child in soiled clothing

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- When parents take their children to day care, they expect their child to get the utmost attention. Hillary Rizzi said that was not her experience.

"You entrust your child with a daycare I don't expect to come into a facility and have them with dry feces," said Rizzi, "then with a milk allergy that he has they told me they gave him milk at lunch."

Hillary's son was at this Magellan Academy on Durbin Crossing. She received a phone call that he was sick and said when she went to pick him up she was surprised by his condition.

"He had feces from his calf up to his rear end and some of it was dry," she said.

The facility operators are Tom and Lorrie Blitch, they're in Arizona, reached by phone they said Rizzi has distorted the facts.

"The child came to school with loose stools,"  said Tom Blitch,"He was refusing to let the teacher clean him up."

Blitch said legally you can't forcibly disrobe a child.'

"There is no truth to what was stated," said Lorrie Blitch.

"I think it is very hard to distort things when your child has feces some of it was dry," said Rizzi,"and I had to scrub it off of him and I had to ask for baby wipes."

The Department of Children and Families is investigating.

"One of the biggest challenges you have here is a child that is three who may be too young to verbalize what has been going on," said John Harrell. 

Harrell said the magellan Academy facility has a good history, one medium level violation last year, but he said DCF wants to look at its level of supervision.

"They have to be able to take care of the child to provide for the Childs basic needs, to comfort the child," he said. 

Tom and Lorrie Blitch say they have won numerous awards as a child care facility and changing soiled diapers is what they do.

Rizzi said her son will not be returning to the academy. DCF Harrell says any parent who has a concern about the level of supervision at their child care facility should contact always DCF.

"Certainly no facility, no family day care home should be letting a child suffer quietly," said Harrell.


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