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Brooklyn project to bring new addition to skyline

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- 220 Riverside is the name being given to a $38 million project that would mix residential and retail and become a new addition to the city's skyline.

Alex Coley is with Hallmark Partners, the group that has been working for a decade to change the face of six acres off Riverside Avenue located in the shadows of the Downtown.

"I believe this project will fulfill a market niche," said Coley, who noted that 6,000 people work within a three-block radius.

The city and Hallmark recently sealed a deal that gives the developers a property tax break in return for investing $38 million dollars into the project, which will include a park called Unity Plaza.

The development will include an amphitheater that can accommodate 1,000 people and more, if needed.

The cornerstone of the project is a seven-story complex that will include retail and 300 apartments. The apartments will rent in the range of $1,000 a month.

"A lot of conversation about hip and cool ... how to attract and retain the creative culture," said Coley, who is convinced 220 Riverside will become a destination.

Construction is scheduled to begin this October and be completed in mid 2014.


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