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Cummer Museum returning pieces stolen by Nazis

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A strange story has emerged about two pieces in a collection at the Cummer Museum of Arts and Gardens.

The pieces are part of the Wark Collection of Early Meissen Porcelain.

The Museum has learned they were stolen by Nazis and actually belong to a family in Germany.

"These two pieces of porcelain were actually taken illegally from a family in Germany, eventually made their way to our collection through an extraordinary collector named Ralph Wark. Now that it has come to the surface that they were part of the Von Klemperer collection, it's time for us to return them to their original owners," said Hope McMath.

The pieces have been on display at the Museum since 1965. They were taken from the family of Gustav Von Klemperer, one of Germany's leading bankers.

Von Klempere's collection of more than 800 pieces of Meissen art is widely regarded as one of the most significant collections ever assembled, said the Cummer Museum.

This month, the pieces were returned to the family's heirs. The family has agreed to let the Museum keep the items for one year, so the story of their past may be shared.


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