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Meet the ULTIMATE Jags fan

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Johnny Hodges a.k.a Johnny Jags' man cave is a Jacksonville Jaguars fan's paradise.
There are pictures of former Jaguar greats, hats, jerseys, plaques, helmets, action figures, even a Maurice Jones-Drew corner.

"Once we saw him playing the first two seasons, my wife just fell in love with him," Johnny said.
Plus, a Jags card collection totals over 4,000.

"This just represents about two-thirds of my collection," Johnny said.

Johnny Jags has been a diehard fan since the NFL awarded the city of Jacksonville the franchise in 1993.

"I was at work when I heard. I had about the same reaction as everybody else: 'YES!' Just like (former Jags owner) Wayne (Weaver) said, 'we finally did it.' We had tried so hard for so long. It seemed like it was never going to happen but for it to materialize it was awesome," Johnny said.

He was one of the first 150 people to buy season tickets the inaugural season.
He said the early years were awesome.

"It was Jags to Riches, a Cinderella story because we weren't expected to do anything. And we got us a great coach who said 'I can do it' and he did it. Going to the playoffs just time and time again was just unreal," Johnny said.      
One of his all-time favorite moments came in 1996.

"It's from 31-yards. There's the snap. The kick is up and it's on the way ... and it's no good! It's no good! Oh my God! Morten Anderson has missed and the Jags are going to the playoffs."  
But after eight years of being a season ticket holder, Johnny Jags had to give up his season tickets. His wife lost her job. Shortly after, she was diagnosed with cancer.

"There were times when she was weak," Johnny said. "She would have fallen if I hadn't been there to catch her. And if we had to do it all over again I'd do the same thing. There's no question. That's how strong our love is. But the main thing is even her going to the doctor she says, 'you know I don't know which is worse: having to go through these chemo treatments or having to give up my Jaguars tickets.'"
From time to time, he and his wife get to a Jags game to watch a team that has struggled in recent years.

"People ask me today why I think the Jags aren't doing so well. And I say 'you know, we used to pray for them.'"
Win or lose, this man loves his Jaguars.     

"I wouldn't have this Jaguar room if I said we aren't doing anything this year, NO! I ain't going to collect anymore and there are people out there. I'm not a fair weather fan."

Johnny Jags' man cave is just one part of his massive collection. He's also got a nice Jag-Ota.

"It's floating on neons when you're riding down the road," Johnny said.
The only thing left on his bucket list is to see the Jaguars win the Super Bowl.

"It's coming. It's just a matter of time," Johnny said. "If they take care of all the little things. The big things will come."

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