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Lawn care billing scare

Fla. - The On Your Side Team received an email from a woman in Avondale that
was being charged for a lawn service she claims she didn't ask for.

tenant contacted On Your Side, saying her landlord asked for lawn care quotes
for her Avondale apartment. The tenant spoke on the phone and got the quotes
with a lawn company, but ended up not needing the services.

month later, the tenant claimed the lawn care company said she owed more than
$200 for services she didn't sign up for.

owner of the lawn care company spoke with the On Your Side Team and claims the
tenant "verbally agreed," to the services and much of the work was done. A
family member of the tenant stepped up to cover $160 of the bill and the lawn
care company agreed to drop the remaining $70 balance.

agreeing for services, get a contract in writing and be sure to ask about billing
and cancelation policies.


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