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Jacksonville man wants 'sidewalk to nowhere' removed

JACKSONVILLE, Fla- It's broken up and it needs to go. A Jacksonville man is pushing to have a sidewalk near his home removed because he says it's in disrepair and no one uses it.

"It's literally where the sidewalk ends," said homeowner, Neil Bridgers "Nobody's really using this sidewalk."  

The sidewalk in front of his home is frustrating.

"You see where it's all cracked up because of the Oak trees?" he asked.

The uneven sidewalk is cracked and then it abruptly ends. Bridgers said it's been this way since he moved in about a year ago.

"I would rather have it removed," he said. "I don't want to sound like a mean person. If they want to fix it, then fix it, and that's fine."

Bridgers said it's even been painful.

"I was cutting my grass in my flip flops," Bridgers began to explain "I was turning my lawn mower and kicked my toe into this. My fault. I should've worn tennis shoes. I admit it. But, if there was a smooth sidewalk, it wouldn't have been an issue."

He claims the city told him they'd make the sidewalk compliant with the Americans with Dissabilities Act.

"I'm all for if we feel like we need it, go for it. I'm not saying that we can't have a sidewalk here," he said. "I just think that either we need no sidewalk or a usable sidewalk." 

Department of Public Works spokesperson, Debbie Delgado told First Coast News the sidewalk will be fixed and made ADA compliant. She said that could be in a few weeks or a couple months.

Delgado said sidewalks in the city are the city's responsibility to fix, unless the property owner caused the damage.

To report any sidewalk damage, call the city hotline at 630-CITY (2489).












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