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Apartment under renovation leaves mess and complaints

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Heather Boivin and Christina Acosta were surprised when the plumbers showed up to their Riverside apartment.

"No one told us in advance," said Boivin, "we had no prior notice."

They were there under the landlord's orders to re-plumb the entire building. They are replacing the water and sewer lines.

But the residents are complaining because it is noisy, and there's a lot of dust from the drywall being removed.

In Boivin's bedroom there's an exposed hole to where she can see the neighbor's bathroom on the first floor.

"This is crazy," she said," they have refused to put us up in a hotel."

Alex Rose is with the property management company, Locklear Realty.

"They have not asked for a hotel," said Rose.

Rose apologized for the inconvenience and said the property owner intends to reimburse half if not a full months rent to the tenants.

Rose said the crews are instructed to make sure the apartments are clean and restored at the end of the day, if there's a problem he wants to know.

"They started working Monday,"said Rose," they should be finished by Friday."

Rose said he will let them out of their lease if they want to and give them a full refund of their security deposit.



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