Hogan Wins Straw Ballot at Tea Party Forum Last Night | Politics

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Hogan Wins Straw Ballot at Tea Party Forum Last Night

Mike Hogan, Republican candidate for Mayor of Jacksonville, won the straw ballot at the First Coast Tea Party’s inaugural Mayoral and Congressional Town Hall last night. About 300 people were in attendance. First Coast Tea Party members present at this forum were the only ones allowed to vote.

Jerry Holland, Supervisor of Elections, certified the votes this morning. The results for Mayor were Mike Hogan, 57% and Rick Mullaney with 40%. All mayoral candidates were on the ballot. Moran, Brown and Irvin did not show for this forum.

“I am humbled and deeply grateful for the First Coast Tea Party’s straw vote of confidence last night. Together, we share the same values and understand that the best government is less government. My proven record as a lifetime fiscal conservative, strict Constitutionalist, states’ rights and personal property rights advocate, rings loudly with the members. I thank them for the opportunity they have given me to share my vision for Jacksonville,” Mike Hogan stated in regards to the straw ballot vote.


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