New Book Says Ugly People Should Be A Protected Class

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Have you ever felt your looks have affected your life?  A new book called, "Beauty Pays" claims ugly people just have it tougher. 

University of Texas economy professor and author Daniel Hamermesh said, ugly people could make $230,000 less over their lifetime, versus their better looking peers.  He said if a majority considers someone to be ugly, then, he probably is.

But some people take issue with the book.  Rina Stermilla said, "I definitely don't agree with it."
Stermilla is a financial planner in Jacksonville.  She said in her business, looks don't have anything to do with money.  "The ugliest ones have way more money than the pretty ones."

Hiring Managers Share Most Unusual Resume Mistakes in Annual CareerBuilder Survey

Hiring Managers Share Most Unusual Resume Mistakes in Annual CareerBuilder Survey

With 13.9 million Americans seeking work, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, grabbing an employer’s attention quickly and leaving a positive impression is critical. According to a recent CareerBuilder study, nearly half (45 percent) of human resource managers said they spend, on average, less than one minute reviewing an application. The survey, which was conducted by Harris Interactive© from May 19 to June 8, 2011, included more than 2,600 employers nationwide.

Free Beagle - Bites, Stinks, Hates Kids and has Fleas!

Free Beagle - Bites, Stinks, Hates Kids and has Fleas!

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- You never know what kind of fun you're gonna find on Jacksonville's Craigslist!

Today, this ad for a free dog had us in stitches. The owner even says he'll pay you to com pick him up! Surely someone wants a dog that stinks, scratches, bites, has fleas and no teeth!

Here's the link if you want to see it on Craigslist and maybe find yourself a new dog!

Link: Free Dog, Beagle on Jacksonville Craigslist

Check out what the owner says in the ad below:

Fla. Sued Over Ban of Doctors Asking About Guns

Fla. Sued Over Ban of Doctors Asking About Guns

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence is suing to overturn Florida's new law that bans doctors from asking patients about gun ownership.

The center filed the suit in a Miami federal court on behalf of three doctors and three physicians groups.

"The best medicine is prevention," said Florida Pediatric Society president-elect Mobeen Rathore. "Unfortunately, I have seen too many tragic outcomes of an accidental shooting."

Rathore calls the new law a gag order. His organization along with the Florida Academy of Family Physicians and The Florida College of Physicians are part of the lawsuit against the state.

Opponents of the law are calling it vague, and say the punishment doesn't fit the crime."It could go to the board of medicine. You could essentially lose your license if you violate it," said Chris Nuland, an attorney for physicians.

JFRD: Thermal Imaging Camera Stolen During House Fire

JFRD: Thermal Imaging Camera Stolen During House Fire

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --  Susannah Carter home burned down in 2003. She knows the loss that comes with a house fire.

"We unfortunately lost a couple of pets," Carter said. 

But she's thankful that firefighters were there to help keep her family safe using, among other things, a thermal imaging camera. The camera can find hot spots and body heat easily in a fire, but one of the 60 cameras the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department owns, was stolen right off a truck on Sunday.

"These tools are life saving products and they should be left alone," said JFRD spokesman Tom Francis.

According to the police report, Fire Station 21 used the camera at an apartment fire on Barnes Road on Sunday.  Firefighters put it back in its charging station and went back to fighting the fire.

Man Robbed, then Forced to Drive Off in his Underwear

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --  Jacksonville police are looking for suspects who robbed a man and then forced him to take off his clothes.

According to a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office report, the victim, a 46-year-old man, was at the Hi Way gas station on the Westside Sunday night when a woman walked up.

The woman, known as Dee Dee, asked the victim for gas money.  He pumped $5 worth of gas into the woman's car but then she told him it would not start.

The woman then asked the victim to give her and a friend a ride home, he told police.

The victim obliged, but once there, the victim said three men robbed him; one of the suspects had a gun and asked the man if "he wanted to die."

The victim told police the men then made him take off his clothes and leave. He drove home in his underwear and called police.


First Coast News Launches "Hot Man Madness"

First Coast News Launches "Hot Man Madness"

College basketball season has officially ended - ladies - it’s time to take back the remote! Why, you ask? Could it be a new Reality TV show? Priorities people! It’s “Hot Man Madness!”