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Are You Being Targeted? Where you are Most Likely to get Ticketed
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Are You Being Targeted? Where you are Most Likely to get Ticketed

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- "I just came outside, and I saw a parking ticket," said Keenan Williams, a Jacksonville resident.

Hundreds of parking citations are written daily in Jacksonville by 10 full-time parking enforcement specialists patrolling the city.

"There's no one area that is worse than others. There are some that are more frequent, but none that are worse," said Robert Carle, city parking enforcement director, whose crew is tasked with ticketing downtown, Riverside, and San Marco metered parking equally. "They're looking to turn over parking, and achieve compliance."

But numbers from 2010 show that's not really true. There are areas where vehicles are ticketed more frequently than others - and none of them are downtown. The top four most ticketed spots in Jacksonville are all hospitals.

St. Vincent's, Mayo, Baptist and Shands hospital all had more tickets assigned to their addresses than any other parking spots in the city.  Last year, people parking at St. Vincent's got almost four times more parking tickets than the most ticketed spot downtown on Hogan Street.

"At the request of St. Vincent's, we'll go over there and ticket people," said Carle.

Vehicles were ticketed 1,387 times in 2010 alone. "They have people parking in unloading zones, going in to doctors' appointments, so we're constantly being called out there," said Carle.

But the director of security at St. Vincent's disagreed. "No, we don't call them. Very seldom would we, only in an absolute emergency," said Gregory George.

St. Vincent's polices its own parking, as do Mayo, Baptist and Shands, and all four hospitals insist they do not request the presence of the parking enforcement division.

But with 3,000 parking spots in its garage alone, the St. Vincent's is a target-rich environment. "We have a lot of cars here, and based on our signage they're able to come on campus and issue tickets," said George.

All four hospitals still deny calling the parking division, though Carle insists that they do. "It's a captive audience. We never target an area, but it's a captive audience, and again, they do request it," said Carle.

But even if they don't ask, the parking division is still allowed to be there. "We have full authorization to enter anywhere the public is able to access," said Carle.

Parking in one of those garages, means watch out for a ticket especially when it's raining outside.

"When we do have inclement weather, that's when more people will use a garage versus street parking, and that's when it becomes more of an issue...," said Carle.

Also, beware, even if you paid to park there.  "I get that all the time: 'Well, I paid to be here.' Sure you paid, but you don't pay to park illegally," said Carle.

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